Who We Are

Merida Technology Group (also known as “MeridaTech”) is a software consulting powerhouse where some of the brightest minds in Latin America have gathered to produce and support world-quality research and development in the field of High-Speed Software. This field is commonly known in the global scientific community as HPC (which stands for High-Performance Computing).

MeridaTech has been built from private-equity seed funds that come from international investors who have the long-term vision of establishing a knowledge and technology cluster that can drive Latin America to become a solid player in Software Engineering R&D on a worldwide basis. For this purpose, we have established strong alliances with global technology leaders who are investing significant resources to see this dream come true.

We provide high-profile technology companies in the USA and Canada with industrial-quality HPC solutions in a wide variety of fields. Our customers will typically require us to: (a) produce and implement novel algorithms on their software, (b) redesign their code for aiming at ultimate speeds, (c) perform IT management of their HPC applications, (d) carry out specific research on any aspect related to their application, (e) train their personnel on HPC affairs relevant to their company, (f) or simply take care of other related issues of HPC –we are experts after all.
For specific information on the type of assistance we offer, please visit the section on Our Services.

Our firm is rapidly expanding, which is why we are   conducting another annual round of Engineer recruitment targeted to close on October 2017. If you are interested in working at MeridaTech please visit the section  We Are Hiring. If you are a potential customer and you are interested in speaking with someone from our team, you can visit us, or reach us by phone or email at any of the numbers below.